Recreational Cheer!

Wednesdays 4-5pm

$75/month ages 6-14

Next comp...

**Jamfest Feb 9th

Phoenix Convention Center

Extra Tumbling 



 - $5 for GRE cheer team 

 - $75/4 week session for non GRE cheer team

January RUSH  NEWS 

         Get your GOLD on

WOW! What an amazing first season as Gold Rush Elite!  We were very successful and for the first time we earned 2 D2 Summit Bids on the first competition! Amy Gruba, owner, is so thankful that she took a leap of faith and decided to rename and restructure as Gold Rush Elite!  She could not have done it without the loving support of her family, coaches and friends! Next season we will continue growing and making changes with new choreography and updates to the gym.  We are very excited for the 2019-2020 season!